Multifunctional use of aluminum folding ladders

Ladders this thing believe that we are not unfamiliar, every household will have one or even a few, normal home ladders are wooden ladders, iron ladders, ordinary aluminum herringbone ladders, and a long time will be bad to use, today to recommend an aluminum multifunctional folding ladder, cost-effective, mainly can be transformed into a variety of forms to use, the following to introduce you to the function of this ladder.

This aluminum alloy multifunctional folding ladder can change different shapes according to the user in different work terrain, with the user’s work, but also can be all folded up and put in front of the home to place shoes and some tools, very cost-effective.

The herringbone form is one of the most used form, this ladder is mainly by the joints automatically lock, as long as open, the joints will automatically snap lock, lock after you can stand on it or sit on it to operate, very safe.

Some projects with herringbone form is not high enough, you can play into this straight ladder form, very convenient, and simple operation, this ladder has four folds, each fold has two large joints, just break the joint above the lifting handle, hear the snap can be opened, the same time to close.

This bridge type on the use of more, painting project when you can put a board on it. Then you can stand on it to work, or some factory workshop inspection equipment, there is a good place to use is at home, drying clothes, quilts, hanging clothes are very good tools.

1. in the use of aluminum alloy folding ladder, need to pay attention to the length of the ladder, if the full length is not greater than 4 meters, that can be unfolded into a straight ladder use, and in use, the middle of the ladder hinge to face the wall, the angle at which the ladder is placed is also very important, the angle with the ground should be greater than 75 degrees, so as to avoid danger. 2, when the four folding ladder used as a lifting platform, must be put on more than 1 cm thick plate.

2. aluminum alloy ladders in unused, also need to be regularly cleaned and checked, if found that the connection parts are not smooth, pay attention to timely refill lubricating oil. 2, in the use of aluminum alloy ladders, if the ladder column becomes bent, or broken, you must first contact the business for repair, prohibit this time when.

Folding ladder can bring a lot of convenience to life, but in the use of the time, must pay attention to safety issues, prohibit the use of the process of changing the position of the lock block.

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