Motorcycle long-term storage how to maintain(2)

8. valve

This is strange, the valve can also be maintained? The answer is yes, many cars need to adjust the valve clearance at the rated kilometer. The original factory maintenance manual are marked. But most of the maintenance master will not be adjusted or too much trouble is not willing to adjust, which requires car enthusiasts to find the right mechanic to adjust the valve clearance. If some remote areas of the car is really no condition to adjust, then be sure to pay attention to the process of using the car do not frequently in the limit state driving.

9. spark plugs and ignition wires

I think, if you care more about the ignition line, and a little budget, invest in a few modified high-voltage wire and a set of iridium spark plugs is very necessary. If you have a big budget, a set of imported high-voltage wire that is not less, if you like cost performance, do not change it when it is not necessary to replace. Then, the car in the starting performance, ignition performance in wet environments such as rain, fuel economy, will also be much more desirable. The response of the throttle will also be more sensitive.

10. Teardrop chain

Generally speaking, there are drops of engine oil and other lubricants for maintenance, but these are only very primitive practices, because these oils can easily make the chain stained with mud and dust, which will intensify the wear and tear, and also splash everywhere, which is very indecent. The correct method is: spray chain oil. There are two types of chain oil, one is similar to ordinary oil, but more sticky. The other type is like a white powder and will not splash away. Of course, the second type is the best. Chain oil only needs a thin layer of spray, you can maintain more than a thousand kilometers, and it is also very cheap, and the shelf life is basically extremely long, so you do not have to consider the storage problem. So your car’s disc chain can be a few years without worry.

11. Brake skin

As long as the brake skin is used more than 2/3, it must be changed. Firstly, it is a safety issue, because when the brake pads are left with 1 in 3, the heat of the brakes will soon be transferred to the brake pad substrate, which will easily cause the brake friction material to fall off and cause accidents. The second is the wear and tear on the brake discs. As you know, brake discs are very expensive, and the loss of expensive brake discs in order to save brake skins is definitely more than worth the loss. Also, if you have the opportunity, you can change the brake steel pipe, which will definitely improve the safety and improve the brake feel.

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