Motorcycle long-term storage how to maintain(1)

What are the motorcycle maintenance items

1. Motor oil

Oil is the first priority of maintenance, and it is important to choose the correct oil and the amount of oil to be added.

2. Air filter

The air filter is the lungs of an athlete for a good car. So using a clean air filter is very necessary. Once the air filter is broken, dust and sand will all enter the cylinder through the carburetor (EFI as well). Wear rings and valves, if clogged, will cause a lack of power, increased fuel consumption. Increased fuel consumption is bound to exhaust black smoke at high speed. Long valve carbon, the durability of the car, the power will be discounted.

3. Tires

The most important thing is that the tires should not be covered with water wax or oil, because oil has an affinity for rubber, which can lead to tire cracking and deterioration and endanger your safety.

4. Fuel tank

There are many impurities in domestic gasoline. If you have time, you can remove the fuel tank once a year. Remove the oil switch, pour out the water rust at the bottom, and then dry the tank and put it back on.

5. Carburetor

As above, the carburetor will accumulate some impurities after a long time, so you can loosen the oil drain screw under the carburetor to make the impurities flow off with the gasoline. If the carburetor leaks, it must be serviced and replaced in time. Once the carburetor leaks, gasoline will leak into the tank. If you push, gasoline will leak into the crankcase, dilute the oil, and if you happen to like to pull the high revolutions, then your car is not far from scrap, which is why the basic carburetor has a common problem cars are called junk cars to others.

6. Battery

The battery is best to replenish the electricity once every six months. Every time before you hit the car, turn off the headlights. A handful of efforts.

7. shock absorbers

The front shock is basically 1 year to change the shock oil, shock oil can use the famous factory car shock oil, the effect is very good. Also, the quality of domestic oil seals is still not very good, do not be cheap, intense driving a few times it is easy to leak oil. In the oil seal at the same time also need to change the oil again, time-consuming and expensive.

Although the original oil seal is expensive, but eliminates a lot of unnecessary trouble, from a long-term perspective is the most cost-effective. If the rear shock absorber leaks oil, the oil seal can be replaced when the core is not spent, but once the core is spent, you can only replace the assembly.

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