One Stop Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing Process

Our factory has 6 welding robots to provide high-quality welding quality, which can completely achieve no virtual welding, broken welding, and beautiful welded seams.

Our factory has an automatic spraying line, the spraying is uniform, the thickness of the paint layer is consistent, and the surface is beautiful and durable

All our products have been tested for flaw detection, and we strictly control the source of the purchase, and never purchase steel plates made of recycled materials.



One-stop purchasing manufacturer

Production Steps

Step 1 : Order

The factory arranges orders and adjusts the production plan.

Step 2 : Raw material preparation & production

Factory preparation, ready for production

Step 3 : Quality Control & Test

After the production is completed, technicians conduct random inspection or full inspection

Step 4 : Packaging and storage

After passing the inspection, pack the goods into the warehouse

Step 5 : Transportation

According to product characteristics and requirements, choose the appropriate mode of transportation,ensure that products can be delivered to customers in a timely and safe manner

Step 6 : After-sales service

When the product reaches the customer, we will provide after-sales service in a timely manner. Whether it is a product quality problem or a change in customer demand, we will actively respond and provide solutions to ensure customer satisfaction

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