Maintenance and repair of the tire changer

In order to prolong the service life of the machine, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the requirements of the manual, otherwise its working reliability will be affected.

1) Before performing any maintenance work, the machine must be disconnected from the power and air supply, and then depress the pedal 3 to 4 times to exclude the residual compressed air in the machine.

2) Damaged parts must be replaced by professional maintenance personnel with spare parts provided by the manufacturer.

3) Clean the chuck once a week with diesel fuel to prevent dust accumulation, and lubricate the jaws and guides.

4) After 20 days of machine use, re-tighten the fixed screws on the chuck and jaws.

5) If the chuck’s rotational force is not enough, it may be that the belt tensioning force is not enough. Loosen the screws of the side plate on the left side of the machine, remove the side plate, loosen the two screws fixing the motor, adjust the distance between the bracket and the motor seat, tension the drive belt, and then tighten the screws.

6) If the cantilever is not locked or the distance between the bottom surface of the disassembly head and the rim does not reach the requirement (2mm), adjust the cantilever locking plate.

7) In order to make the jaws and the cylinder of the disassembly shovel open and close reliably, the control valve connected with it should be kept clean and can be maintained according to the following requirements.

① Remove the 6 screws on the left side plate of the body and remove the side plate; ② Loosen the valve body on the jaw opening and closing or cylinder control pedal: ③ Clean the dirt on the valve body with compressed air, and replace it if it has been damaged.

8) Monthly inspection and maintenance of the oil mister cylinder and oil level, if you need to refuel, you can directly unscrew the lower end of the oil mister for oil injection, do not inject too much oil to avoid spillage.

Screw drive is usually applied to the occasion of converting from circular motion to linear motion, however, when the helix angle is larger than the self-locking angle, it can also be converted from linear motion to circular motion. This mechanism is evolved according to this principle, this mechanism is not a simple bolt and nut transmission structure, in order to make the structure simple and easy to process, the bolt part has been simplified to a sliding shaft, the nut part is a double-headed spiral set, theoretical tooth shape is rectangular.


When the piston rod telescopes, it drives the sliding shaft to do linear motion in the long slot of the cylinder jacket, because the sliding shaft passes through the spiral groove of the rotating sleeve at the same time, and the axial position of the rotating sleeve has been limited by the cylinder sleeve and gland, that is, the rotating sleeve cannot do axial motion, so the sliding shaft can only drive the rotating sleeve to do rotary motion.

That is, the linear motion of the sliding shaft is transformed into the circular motion of the rotating sleeve, that is, the automatic rotation of the grubbing head is realized. Since each spiral groove on the rotating sleeve is exactly half a spiral line, so the head can be rotated 180 degrees to meet the requirements of use.

Improper use of tire changer for demolition or assembly of tires, will often make the tire bead part of the deformation or damage, lightly affect the tire airtightness or lead to tire sidewall bulge, heavy tire body cord fracture and scrap. In addition, the yellow dot marked on the side of the tire should be aligned with the valve nozzle installation, because the yellow dot is the lightest part of the tire circumference, so that when the wheel for balancing can reduce the weight of the balance point of the lead block.

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