Maintenance and repair of car lifts

Maintenance workers car lifts are used very slippery, but is ignored is the regular maintenance. In fact, generally speaking, the maintenance of the lift is listed in the product manual, you can follow the steps in the manual to maintain maintenance. Altertool here to remind you again, in order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic lifter, to extend its service life, must adhere to the regular maintenance work.

Maintenance (1)

Lifting machine maintenance, the following work must be carried out every month.

1. tighten the expansion bolts of the lift, found loose immediately tighten.

Because we have encountered an expansion bolt was pulled up, if I remember correctly, when a Ford 4S store, we received a phone call from the other after-sales manager said the lift bolt was pulled up, we immediately told him not to use the lift. After we received the call, we sent our after-sales service staff to the place of the incident within 2 hours. Fortunately, there is no big deal, the car did not rise too high, or fall down and hit people, it is too late to regret.

After inspection, is not regularly tighten the lift expansion screws caused by loose. Now think back, if something happens, that is a big deal. So be sure to remember to check the bolt under the lift every month to see if there is loose, once found loose, immediately tighten.

2. check all the bolts, joints, pins, to make sure the connection is OK.

3. to the car lifter wire rope, chain, slider, etc. to add grease.

4. observe all the hydraulic system pipelines have no oil leakage and wear.

5. check whether the lift safety device can work properly.

6. lubricate all the pins, pulleys and other places with ninety watts of gear oil.

All lift expansion bolts need to ensure that the normal torque, if one of the expansion bolts can not be normal force, immediately stop using the lift, until the replacement of a good new expansion bolts can be used! Life to once, and walk and cherish.

Maintenance (2)

Every six months, the following maintenance work must be carried out: 

1. observe all components may produce loss, dryness and damage, etc..

2. check and adjust the tightness of the wire rope under the lift as appropriate, to ensure that the synchronous lifting of the car hydraulic lifter work.

3. visually inspect the two sides of the column is not perpendicular to the ground.

4. check the rubber pad for support, there is no damage, timely replacement, because the rubber pad can increase the friction, but also can not hurt the car.

5. Check the safety locking device of the lift, to see if they are able to work properly.

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