Maintenance and care of pneumatic wrenches

Pneumatic wrenches are the most common type of pneumatic tools used in hand tools, which adopt the principle of air pressure to screw and so on, and are mainly used in large machinery and equipment. Those who often use tools and equipment should know that the daily maintenance of tools and equipment is better than repairing them, and they should never be used without maintenance, which will reduce the service life of hardware tools. So how exactly do pneumatic wrenches operate correctly?

In order to keep the best working performance of the pneumatic wrench, a small amount of lubricating oil must be used frequently, preferably one or two drops of special oil for pneumatic tools are added before each use of the tool, which is very crucial to the service life of the pneumatic tool. If you do not often add pneumatic tool oil before using the pneumatic tool then it will often cause damage to the pneumatic tool rotating shaft and blade. Especially the blade, in the case of not adding special oil for pneumatic tools is easy to cause damage. When the lubricant is dripped into the pneumatic air inlet, generally one to two drops can be.


The choice of air pressure before the use of pneumatic wrenches.


1. The amount of air pressure should be determined according to the material of the object and the torque of the pneumatic tool itself and other parameters. Set the ideal air pressure to start from low pressure, and gradually increase the pressure until it reaches satisfactory results, before using the tool, check the air pressure, and never exceed the specified air pressure, otherwise it may cause the tool to burst, when nailing quickly must keep the nail gun required air pressure, otherwise the power is not enough to send.

2. The origin must be used dry and dust-free ordinary compressed air, oxygen and any flammable gas is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid accidental injury.

3 nail gun and connect the air tube unless nailing work, otherwise do not hold the trigger, so as not to cause accidental launch.

4. After each work, be sure to separate the air tube from the tool.

5. When multiple nail guns use a compressor, the capacity of the compressor must match it, otherwise it will cause insufficient air pressure.

Although pneumatic wrenches are widely used in some large production machinery and equipment, there have been many safety accidents in recent times. Here we advise all operators to pay attention to operational matters when using pneumatic wrenches and strictly follow the operational steps.

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