Is a pneumatic hoist the same as an electric hoist?

There are a lot of equipment in the lifting industry, a variety of countless, what environment with what equipment you know? How to select the right product for you, you need to usually stock up on such knowledge, and know how to deal with it after encountering. For electric hoist, simply too diverse, there are wire rope electric hoist, electric chain hoist, and pneumatic electric hoist, stage electric hoist, etc., a variety of people dazzled, in the end how to choose it? Here we will talk about the specific electric hoist and pneumatic hoist what is different?

1. The principle is different

Pneumatic hoist is through the role of air to do the original power, air-driven motor drives the internal components to lift heavy objects, without the use of power, explosion-proof performance better. And ordinary electric hoist is through the use of 220V power supply or industrial power 380V power supply to achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects, in the event of a power outage will bring inconvenience.

2. better load capacity

Pneumatic hoist, the minimum load capacity of 250kg, the maximum load capacity can reach 100 tons. Electric hoist, the minimum load capacity of 490kg, the maximum load capacity can reach 30 tons

3. Differences in lifting speed

Pneumatic hoist lifting speed can reach 100 tons, while the ordinary electric hoist can only reach 30 tons

4. Differences in safety performance

Pneumatic hoist use of air as the original power, safer, the work process will not produce sparks, explosion-proof capacity is better, safer, electric hoist need to use the power process may occur in the leakage of electricity, if the protection is not good may have sparks. Usually prevent the cable to be placed safely.


The above is our explanation of the differences between the two types of electric hoists, you buy is to determine their own use of the environment, must be safe to use, careful storage.

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