Installation requirements for car lifts

The base of the car lifter is different according to the lifting weight and model of the lifter. Commonly used 4 tons lift, the foundation requirements C25 above concrete, thickness recommended 500mm, it is recommended to use the length of 250mm or more, 20 core expansion bolts. If there are chemical bolts, please use them in strict accordance with the instructions.


The car lifter is divided according to function and shape: single column, double column, four column, scissor type. According to the function can be divided into four-wheel positioning type and flat type; according to the different space occupied can be divided into above-ground type and ground hiding type; different lifters occupy different areas. According to the installation requirements are also different. Double column lifter height is generally at 2.8 meters, four columns 2 meters, gantry type 3.7 meters low in the case of the site allows also do trench type, this does not occupy space.

Car lifter installation tips. 


1. installation and commissioning should read this manual carefully before, and according to the instructions of the manual for installation. Installation and commissioning personnel must have a certain degree of mechanical and electrical knowledge. Before installation should check whether the power supply and this manual and the lift nameplate on the identification of conformity.

2. lift around the machine should have enough space to make the operation unrestricted, and have a safe distance.

3. the lift must be installed on the ground level of sufficient strength. The lift must not be installed next to facilities such as ambient air, cold air, water faucets, fireplaces, air humidifiers, etc. The lift must not be installed in an environment with a lot of dust, chemicals and other corrosive media.


Car lifter installation requirements for the foundation

The lift can only be installed on concrete floors. The thickness of the concrete shall not be less than 250mm, the curing time shall not be less than 7 days, and the surface flatness shall be within 10mm. The strength of the concrete shall not be less than 3000PSI. If the power supply of the lift needs to be introduced from underground, a pre-buried penetration pipe is required when the foundation is laid.

Preparation for car lifter installation.

7-15 days before installation customer should prepare perfect equipment foundation to ensure the basic concrete dry bath period, prepare perfect power supply before installation.

Car lifter installation precautions.  

1. shall not be installed on asphalt, tile and other loose, brittle ground lifter. Shall not install the lift on the concrete with large defects.

2. without the permission of the building department, shall not be installed in the upper floors or the ground with a basement lift.

3. the pre-buried and other forms of threading pipe connecting power lines, must comply with the provisions of the relevant wire installation.

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