Hydraulic support jack leakage fault handling measures

The causes of hydraulic support jack leakage failure involve a number of aspects such as jack sealing structure and machinery manufacturing technology. According to the manifestation of internal leakage and external leakage, determine the corresponding sealing solutions, can provide a guarantee for the normal use of the hydraulic support.

Internal leakage fault handling measures


Through the analysis of the sealing structure of the underground hydraulic support column, it can be found that the hydraulic support column welding connection is the common connection method for the piston part of the column jack. Therefore, from the actual situation of the underground hydraulic bracket system, there is a closer connection between the column leakage failure and the piston seal. Replace the seal, guide ring, O-ring or a full set of piston sealing system is an effective measure to solve the problem of internal leakage.

If the replacement of the seal still exists after the jack leakage problem, you need to focus on checking the seal installation groove. For the seal ring in the rapid wear after the loss of sealing effect, the need to control the width of the seal groove, such as to prevent the seal back and forth movement caused by increased wear, the need to control the bottom of the groove roughness within Ra1. 6 μm, and to strictly control the diameter of the cross-section.

Seals that have been stored for a long time and are subject to aging and cracking should not be used in seals. In addition, in the use of columns and jacks, it is also necessary to avoid the emergence of deformation problems caused by hard object knocking.

External leakage fault handling measures


The external leakage failure of the underground hydraulic support jack has a certain degree of complexity. Leakage at the static seal of the guide flange and leakage at the cylinder connection is a common form of external leakage of the hydraulic support jack. After the external leakage failure, the first need to guide the flange static seal groove size inspection. For example, the jack used in the hydraulic support equipment in the slant trench coal mine is a combination of O-ring and retaining ring structure, the need to pay attention to the hardness of the O-ring rubber. For the leakage problem at the cylinder barrel welding, the cylinder barrel welding seam needs to be welded.

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