Hydraulic pipe bender daily operation of electrical safety precautions

The use of hydraulic bending machine is very simple, the use of some issues should also pay attention to, such as electrical safety should focus on, because electricity is not a trivial matter, improper use of words will have very serious consequences.

Although the hydraulic pipe bender circuit are insulated, but there will always be line interface, must not touch, of course, do not allow people to touch, only professional personnel in the maintenance or other circumstances to contact. The voltage provided to the bender must be provided according to the voltage used by the bender, do not overload the voltage provided, that is very dangerous, may cause damage to the machine, set to stop, or even leakage of electricity.

Before any electrical box is opened, the machine must be completely isolated from the power supply. And the power supply should be in the off state. In the use of hydraulic pipe bender, the electrical safety aspect is the most important, whether it is for the machine, or for the staff, the correct use of electricity, is the safest guarantee.

1. the operator must pass the bender safety operating procedures training, familiar with the machine structure, performance, principles, routine maintenance and programming, after passing the examination before operation.

2. check around the work site, remove all the debris that hinders the work and traffic. There should be no oil on the ground to avoid slipping. Workpiece stacking should be neat and firm to prevent injuries from collapsing.

3. check the bender on the guard is intact, such as not installed, it is not allowed to drive. Medium frequency bender should be well grounded and electrical insulation, voltage should be stable.

4. start the oil pump, the system pressure is maintained within the prescribed range, if high, damage to hydraulic components, waste of power, if too low, affecting the work.

5. Adjust the required position of the parts and the required angle.

6. adjust the vertical lifting guide, so that the guide mold pressing cylinder forward to be able to clamp tight iron pipe.

7. Normal operation will put the workpiece into the bending mold, and the front contact positioning, step down the foot switch, can be completed.

8. in the empty test run, check whether the mechanical operation is normal, the electrical switches are sensitive and workable. After all normal, then work.

9. Before operation, first check whether the lubrication points are short of oil, whether the movement mechanism is loose, whether the safety guards are reliable, and only operate after confirmation.

10. When two people work at the same time, they should work closely together and coordinate. A person should be designated to operate the switch. Operation is not allowed to talk and laugh with the next person to prevent misoperation.

11. when the machine starts, the operator shall not leave the machine.

12. pipe bender work, no one is allowed near the pipe bending range of travel, and set up protective warning signs. Pry the tube to stand firm to prevent injuries by the pry bar slippage. Operators can only stand on the outside.

13. bending, the mind to focus, prohibit hands or other items into the work area, in case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, and then turn the twist switch to the manual position, with manual reset, if the failure, promptly reported to the repair.

14. After work, cut off the power supply, do a good job of cleaning and lubrication.

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