Hydraulic jacks selection skills

How can I buy a good quality hydraulic jack? What to pay attention to when buying a hydraulic jack? For some people who do not know, there are many things to note when buying a jack to prevent ending up with poor quality products that do not work well. Here is a brief introduction to the matters that need attention.

1. The hydraulic jack purchased to provide how much tonnage or push-pull force, according to the general data are tonnage to 20% higher than the load. The first thing to look at when choosing a hydraulic jack is the tonnage of the hydraulic jack, that is, the force achieved (tonnage), it is recommended that the choice of hydraulic hydraulic jack tonnage than the load is high.

2. What is the specific stroke of the hydraulic jack. Depending on the actual requirements, choose the right body height and the required stroke, the body height of the hydraulic jack should be greater than the stroke, this is the most basic common sense.

3. hydraulic jack is used in the kind of use, in the end is the top or pull. According to the requirements of the working conditions, the distinction between maintenance grade and industrial grade, if used for production or particularly high frequency use of hydraulic hydraulic jack, please specify.

4. How many jacks are needed in total.

5. hydraulic jack is installed in a fixed position to run or buy a light so as to carry.

6. whether it will be used in a small space. You can choose a thin series of hydraulic hydraulic jacks, this series of hydraulic jacks have a small size, flexible use and other characteristics.

7. Whether to install a limiting device in the stroke interruption.

8. Whether the hydraulic jack to eliminate deflection requirements. If you want to maintain the load for a long time, you can use self-locking hydraulic jacks, self-locking hydraulic jacks are mainly used for a long time to support heavy places.

9. Is it necessary to maintain the deflection load for a long time?

10. Is there a requirement for the hydraulic jack to be corrosion resistant. According to the actual working conditions, high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements, our company will use special surface treatment and special material seals

If you want to special customization, customers should inform us the specific parameters, our engineers can give you customized according to the parameters you provide.

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