How to properly use the jack when repairing the car?

Jack as an important tool to replace the car spare tire, we are not unfamiliar, but there are many car owners do not know how to use the jack, if the wrong position in the use of the top will bring considerable damage to the car. Today, we will talk about the use of the jack should pay attention to several matters, I hope that every car owner can understand how to use their car jack.

1. the jack is not universal

Each jack has its bearing limit, the load limit will be marked on the label of the jack. Therefore, before using the jack, it is important to understand this maximum load capacity, as well as the working limit of the jack.

Manufacturers will also be equipped with the appropriate jack according to the weight of the model. General cars are equipped with a jack load within 1.5 tons, and off-road vehicles due to the greater weight, which is usually equipped with a jack load of about 2.5 tons. Therefore, large cars should not use the jack of small cars, so as not to produce safety hazards in the maintenance of vehicles.

2. the wrong support point will damage the chassis

The bottom of the vehicle will have a special support point to support the jack, the support point of the family car is usually on the inside of the side skirt, respectively, in the back of the front wheels about 20 cm, the front of the rear wheels about 20 cm.

Jack lifting parts must be supported in the chassis support points, not support in other locations, otherwise it is difficult to fix the vehicle, if the jack slipped the vehicle fell, the chassis and jack will be damaged, even to personal injury.

3. the use of the jack before the vehicle must be parked

If the vehicle is not completely fixed before supporting the vehicle, then the process of supporting the vehicle is likely to slide because of the phenomenon of slippage. Once the car slipped from the jack, resulting in damage to the tool is the second, there may be injury to the maintenance staff.

The correct use of the jack needs to park the car, pull up the handbrake, manual gearbox into 1st gear or reverse gear, while automatic cars need to be put into P gear. After the jack must be used on a hard and flat road. If the ground is relatively soft, before using the jack is recommended to use a board or slate pad under the jack and then operate to reduce the pressure to prevent the jack into the soft ground.

4. put a spare tire in the bottom of the car safer

After lifting up the vehicle, do not rush to remove the wheel screws, do a good job of safety measures is the most important thing. Before changing the spare tire, you may want to put the spare tire on the bottom of the car, in case the jack cup, the car fell down can also have a spare tire pad.

5. lifting operation to be stable and slow

The car with the jack is not what “thick and hard” goods, its strength is only enough to support the vehicle itself. If we lift the operation with too much force, then the jack will easily be made to deformation and scrap can not be used.

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