How to identify new and retreaded tires when buying tires?

Now the car has been popular, many families will buy cars, many owners will maintain the vehicle, the maintenance of tires is also one of them, many times some businesses will say to owners to carry out the tires worse, and will give many owners with some retreaded tires to use when the brand new tires, that we should in the end how to distinguish whether it is retreaded tires?

Retreaded tires are tires that have worn out or lost their performance after a series of retreading processes to make them perform again. China’s law on retreaded tires is clearly defined, that is, retreaded tires are legal, but there are many shady businessmen in order to make huge profits and produce some poor quality retreaded tires, such tires are not only very expensive, and the quality is very poor, it is easy to occur the flat tire phenomenon.

Regular tire retreading, must meet the national standards for retreaded tires. Tire retreading mainly refers to the replacement of tread rubber and sidewall rubber, according to the different degrees of tire damage, divided into top flip, shoulder flip and full flip three retreading process.

The black-hearted businessmen in the tire retreading will not use the above mentioned method of adding new tread pattern. They generally use the original worn table surface and grinding machine to deepen the pattern directly, such retreaded tires are called “engraved tires”; there are some businesses in order to make it look more realistic, but also to change the original text on the tire, such tires are called This kind of tire is called “altered word tires”.


From the color and shine of the tires, we can largely infer whether the tires have problems. Generally speaking, the surface of retreaded tires will be sprayed with a layer of black gloss to make it look new, so compared with brand new tires, the color and gloss of retreaded tires will be brighter. Look at the production date on the side of the tire, if the production date is earlier and the tire looks new, the tire is likely to be a retreaded tire.

In fact, the most likely to buy retreaded tires are those van owners. As most of these vans are running freight or carrying people, every day to run a lot of miles, tire wear is very serious, on average, every once in a while need to change the tires in this condition, many people in order to save money, greedy cheap, will make these unscrupulous businessmen retread tires profitable. And even if you know that you are buying retreaded tires, the owner does not care, because mainly in urban transport, or the same as the original run, the same money. But in fact, the safety risks are very big.

New tires have some raised markings on the sidewall, and retreaded tires actually have them. However, retreaded tires these signs are later affixed, the owner can take advantage of the store is not paying attention, with a hand key, if you feel some loose or can be directly keyed down, it can be basically concluded that the retreaded tires.

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