How to clean the car interior?

For some car lovers, buying a car is like their own baby, usually very much cherished, there are some small scratches and scrapes are to be distressed for several days, every day, thinking about how to care for their own car. And the car environment is also vital to them, often to clean the car accessories, more conducive to ensure that the air in the car is fresh, to ensure that the car environment in a good state. So how can you do a comprehensive cleaning?

First, leather cleanup. Now many cars will come with leather seats or leather cushions, many interior trim in the car is also leather material. How to clean up the car interior? Old driver: give you 4 tricks, save money and do not hurt the car! After a long time it will be found that these leather materials have different degrees of wear and tear, different degrees of pollution, and even corrosion. And want to clean these leather upholstery, you must first use a wet rag to wipe once, and then use a special cleaning agent carefully wipe.

Second, the dashboard cleaning. There are many dead ends on the dashboard, although the owner feels very clean, but there are always some places we can not see has been full of dirt, especially the car placed in many small accessories will also fall into these gaps. Want to clean the dashboard should always ensure that the air circulation in the car, so that the dust is more conducive to the air out of the car. And you can also place a vacuum cleaner in the car, usually leisure time can be taken out to carefully clean up.

Third, the air in the car. Sitting in the car every day is certainly want to breathe some fresher and cleaner air, certainly do not want to sit in an environment full of toxic substances every day. How to clean the interior of the car? Give you 4 small methods, do it yourself to make the car clean! You can place a small bamboo charcoal bag in the car, or place an air freshener. This is more conducive to the circulation of air in the car, more conducive to adsorbing some harmful substances in the air inside the car.

Four, floor cleaning. Every day on the car off will always leave some dust or dirt on the floor of the car, always look a little less comfortable. This time the importance of a vacuum cleaner is reflected, first with a long-haired brush carefully brush, the more stubborn dirt and grime brush down, and then carefully cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, so that the whole car looks clean and neat.

In fact, with the continuous passage of time, there will always be a variety of dirt inside the car, the car’s environment will also become very bad, which requires us to pay careful attention to the car’s environmental problems. The environment here looks very soothing, we sit in the car when driving will not feel distracted, but is very enjoyable and very pleasant. On the contrary, a very cluttered environment brings us the feeling that we will feel very agitated inside, always want to quickly escape from such an environment.

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