How to choose the right tire changer

Buy the products of well-known enterprises

Currently on the market part of the automotive repair equipment products on the surface, the products are similar, and even some consumers buy products is only focus on the appearance, the appearance of atmospheric thought is a good product, looks and feels worth so much money.

In fact, this is the manufacturer seized the consumer’s psychological speculation and design outside to view the atmosphere, in fact, in foreign products more than 100,000 products are very exquisite appearance, foreigners on industrial Products focus on the actual use, there will be no quality problems, brand products on the quality is guaranteed, while the popularity of the brand products are not high price to win, quality and after-sales are not guaranteed, and the purchase of this product is used to make money tools.

If the product three days two days out of order, not only affect business, but let the user feel that the quality of car maintenance is not guaranteed, causing the station store business up So it is recommended that we buy products is to look at the brand, choose the brand enterprise tire removal machine and balancing machine, quality and good service products we can be more confident and bold to use. Technical content is not high, there are many unqualified processing plants, production can make the equipment sold to the market, this equipment can not be purchased, the quality is not guaranteed, the high rate of repair.

When use the tire changer, you have to know that:

1) Check carefully whether the tire and rim diameter match before assembly.

2) Put the tire on the tire changer platform and check its status.

3) Put the tire on the tire changer chuck and step down the middle pedal to jam the rim. When locking the rim, do not put your hand between the rim and the chuck jaw, otherwise it will cause injury to your hand. If the rim size is the same, it is not necessary to loosen or lock the cantilever frequently, just turn the cross arm back and forth.

4) To avoid damaging the rim, use special lubricant to coat the lip of the tire.

5) Put the outer tire on the rim, move the lip to the edge of the dismounting head, press down the dismounting head, press the rim into the rim and press the outer tire down with both hands. Step down the left road plate, make the chuck and rim turn clockwise, and put the tire back on.

6) Press the tire downward to fit the inner tube, and repeat the previous step to fit the other side of the tire lip into the rim.

7) Inflate the tire and remove the tire. Note: Be especially careful when inflating, operate strictly according to the following requirements, otherwise it may cause the tire to explode, resulting in casualties. First, we should carefully check whether the rim and tire match, and check the wear of the tire to confirm that the tire is not damaged. Two should use the tire changer equipped with air pressure gauge inflator gun inflation, inflating should always check the pressure, strictly prohibit exceed the rated pressure of the tire. Third, hands and body should be as far away from the tire.

8) Turn off the machine’s power and air supply.

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