How to buy pneumatic wrenches

What do I need to pay attention to when buying pneumatic wrenches? And what do you need to pay attention to in the daily work use? This is a question that every new operator will face.

Torque wrench, how to choose an air wrench. First of all, you need to be clear about what tools you need and do what work: 1, how much screw to hit?2, how much bolt torque? (Screw factory will provide data) 3, hard connection? 4, what station to use? How many at a time at a station? Average time of use per day? (Try to calculate the grade and type of the selected tool). If the selected tool fails to complete the workstation requirement within 5 seconds, it means that the selection is wrong.


Pneumatic wrench is a kind of torque wrench powered by high pressure air pump It is different from the characteristics of ordinary wrenches in that it is driven by one or two powerful air motors to drive a torque multiplier with three or more turnover gears. The application fields of pneumatic wrenches are mainly widely used in many fields such as aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railroad, construction, heavy vehicle assembly and maintenance, heavy equipment loading and unloading, etc. Especially, they are widely used in product production and assembly lines, especially in the occasions where high torque is needed.


1. According to the site of the gas pipe joints, choose the corresponding inner or outer teeth quick connect, also useful for gas pipe.

2. According to the shape of the air wrench joint bought, with the air tube.

3. generally ¾ of the following are the same, inner teeth, outer teeth, air pipe. 1 inch of the air cannon head to be larger.

4. pneumatic wrench (Impact wrench), also known as is ratchet plate hand and power tools in general, is mainly a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It allows an object with a certain mass to accelerate and rotate through a continuous power source, and then instantly slams into the output shaft, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.

5. Compressed air is the most common power source, but there are also those that use electric or hydraulic power, and the use of batteries has become popular in recent years.

6. Pneumatic wrenches are widely used in many industries, such as automotive repair, heavy equipment repair, product assembly (often called “pulse tools” and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, installation of steel wire bushings, and any other place where high torque output is needed.

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