How to buy a home car wash machine?

Today there are more and more private cars in the family, because people’s living standards have improved, the price of private cars have a bottom and high, want to have a car or very easy thing, depending on what price you want a car. After having a car, if it is to go to a muddy place, so that the car is full of dust and mud, alone by themselves with water to wash is not washed off, sent to the car wash, if more people have to wait, both a waste of time to spend more money, so we need to buy a home car wash machine, how to buy a home car wash machine?

Home car wash machine purchase method


1. motor selection

The current market motor water pump, divided into intelligent motor and ordinary motor, ordinary motor work in the work whether the water or no water has been working, self-priming intelligent motor is exactly the opposite, in the water when the motor water pump began to work. And intelligent motor water pump is ordinary motor water pump life 5 times more, so it is best to choose intelligent motor.

2. the choice of car wash barrel body

Car wash barrel body is a direct water storage tool, if the barrel body is damaged, the entire car wash is basically broken, so the barrel body must be selected strong and durable, car wash in the raw material is best to resist pressure and folding materials.

3. power interface mode

In the current car wash market, there are two types of power interface, one is connected to the cigarette lighter in the car, the other is directly connected to the 220V household power supply. Two kinds of power interface, the advantages and disadvantages are not the same. In terms of power, of course, is connected to the 220V household power on the car washer strong, the opposite in terms of portability.

4. car wash machine to have reliability

Car wash machine is located in the environment, more humid and complex, so its stability and reliability is very important. Choose a good car wash machine, you can get a better life time and reduce the occurrence of failure in this complex environment.

5. The efficiency of the car wash machine

The efficiency of the car wash machine directly affects the income of the business. Therefore, when buying a car wash machine need to pay attention to its degree of self-control of the equipment, the level of technology, switch control and program control.

6. the car wash machine after-sales service and maintenance

Good car wash machine also need to have good maintenance and after-sales service can be good maintenance equipment. Therefore, the company’s after-sales service team and strength, is also an important factor affecting the use of car wash machines and store operations, will also affect the life of the car wash machine time.


The above is how to buy a home car wash machine introduced to you by me, what are the benefits of having a home car wash machine? Benefits can be more, you can wash the car at any time and anywhere, accounting for little space, do not need a good environment; save money and effort, to the car wash store to wash the car expensive, do it yourself to wash both save money and exercise; can also save water resources, do not cause so much water waste.

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