Home auto repair tools recommended

As a man of science, I have encountered and solved many problems in life, renovation, for the need for tools, I can also be considered a deep feeling. To have a suitable tool, for the smooth completion of the work is how important, and in the work, a competent tool can also bring a sense of pleasure. Here, we will share with you the most basic, the most necessary tools in the home.

First of all, the household power tools.


When it comes to the king of household tools, I think it should be the electric drill, the goods are really versatile enough, with different accessories, it can punch, sanding, disassemble screws, winding, and even beat eggs, and noodles, to the vehicle polishing, simply home travel, kill the good tool, can not be prepared, especially in the process of home improvement, can definitely be ranked the first tool ladder.


The drill is a good companion for our work, but the more versatile tools, in fact, the more general single performance, in order to do a more beautiful job, the process is more enjoyable, we still need some more professional tools to improve a single skill. For example, although the hand drill can be used to screw, but in the face of a variety of self-tapping screws, heavy bolts, rusted nuts, it can not do anything, what is the reason, the lack of torque! The torque of the drill is smooth output, if we encounter too much torque environment, we have to another professional tool.

Electric screwdriver, static torque is not outstanding, but it comes with the impact function, the maximum torque in impact mode can reach a staggering 107, I use in daily life, basically did not encounter it can not screw in and loose screws, especially for fastening the kind of very thick and deep expansion screws.

With an electric screwdriver, and then spend a little money on a variety of batch head with a full range, I believe there is nothing you can no longer remove, and this standard batch head can also be used with a variety of manual base, transformed into a common wrench or common screwdriver.

The impact of the hammer is generated by the reciprocating motion of the cylinder, and it will lunge forward by itself. Therefore, in dealing with hard walls, the use of electric hammer people you just hold steady, it will impact forward, while the use of impact drill students are tragic, you have to use your whole body to press the drill body in exchange for good results, because you are the human cylinder.

Although the hammer has a lot of advantages in drilling walls, but it has a fatal disadvantage is heavy, and the volume is much larger than the electric drill. Fortunately, it as a special tool, the frequency of use of electric hammer is relatively low, the use of the location is generally in the indoor.

Angle grinder as an electric sanding tool, the application in the home is full of controversy, supporters say it is universal, opponents say it is dangerous. Admittedly, as a grinding tool with a speed of tens of thousands, if it is not properly controlled, this tool is indeed very dangerous, but, in the field of home improvement, this tool has his value of existence, such as cutting a variety of steel, metal keel, the need to polish some metal parts, the high speed capacity of the angle grinder are very practical, if the electric drill to cut and polish, in fact more dangerous.

Every time I use the angle grinder, I strictly follow the operating requirements, such as holding with both hands, installing a protective cover, wearing protective glasses and gloves, etc., and these experiences of safe operation have really protected my own safety.

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