Failure analysis in the use of hydraulic lifts

If the lift machine sound abnormal: 1. may be lifting overload solution: check the lifting weight 2. may be the motor fixed bolt loose solution: tighten the bolt 3. may be the slider at the lack of lubricant solution refill lubricant.


Occasionally, the hydraulic lift may fail in the daily work of the hydraulic system and and the hydraulic system due to power outages or electrical and other failures occur in the parking situation.

Here we will analyze The following we will analyze the frequent unexpected failures and solutions. First of all, from the point of view of the structure of the hydraulic system of the equipment itself, due to the complex structure and pipelines many. There are several hoses of several dozen meters long.

Manufacturers of the machine operation hydraulic lifting mechanism The high-pressure hose repeatedly bends around the movement, easy to produce fatigue fracture. The load of the equipment Large changes in the hydraulic system will produce hydraulic pulsation, the When the pulsation pressure reaches a certain value, the high pressure hose will be broken.

Secondly, the failure of a component in the hydraulic system assembly during operation will cause the system to fail and force a stop. will cause the system to fail and be forced to stop. According to the above analysis, the In the design of the hydraulic lift hydraulic system targeted to put forward Some specific technical requirements.

In case of failure of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder as the the leading driving force, the The hydraulic cylinder needs to move with the lifting mechanism. At this time, the hydraulic cylinder is used as both the lifting The hydraulic cylinder is used as both the power of the lift and the support member of the lift during the construction work.

Therefore, the hydraulic cylinder and its connected piping The hydraulic cylinder and its connected pipeline play a major role in the whole safety system, so in the design of the hydraulic pipeline as far as possible. Therefore, in the design of the hydraulic pipeline, as far as possible, use the oil pipe with hard rubber and steel mesh inside. and ensure the piping requirements of the oil pipe, and Reduce the system Pipeline rupture and leakage caused by the possibility of hydraulic system failure.

Another situation is that under the normal condition of the hydraulic system Due to the hydraulic system The failure of the electrical system ( including control system failure ) causing a sudden forced stop of the system.

Mostly In most cases, the abnormal shutdown is caused by a sudden power failure during normal operation, leaving the personnel stranded at high altitude. in the air and cannot come down. So in the daily use must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and attention to maintenance and protection.

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