Engine Crane Manufacturer in China

Experience the Unmatched Precision and Durability of Our Engine Crane Solutions.
  • Compact production line for efficient manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed highest quality with experienced workmen.
  • Professional solutions from dedicated technician teams for complex requirements.

Altertool Engine Crane

Experience the Superior Performance and Exceptional Strength of Our Engine Crane Solutions. Engineered with Precision and Durability to Meet Your Toughest Demands.
We will provide different design schemes according to your needs, if you need samples, we can also provide you with!

  • Capacity:1Ton
  • Lifting range:0-2120mm
  • Package: 1set/ 3 cartons
  • Gross weight:68
  • Capacity:2Ton
  • Lifting range:0-1510mm
  • Package: 1set/ 2cartons
  • Gross weight:72
  • Capacity:2Ton
  • Lifting range:0-2350mm
  • Package: 1set/ 2 cartons
  • Gross weight:75
  • Capacity:2Ton
  • Lifting range:0-2350mm
  • Package: 1set/ 3 cartons
  • Gross weight:85
  • Capacity:3Ton
  • Lifting range:0-1830mm
  • Packing: 1set/3 cartons
  • Gross weight:120
  • Capacity:1Ton
  • Lifting range: 225-2160mm
  • Packing:1set/2 cartons
  • Gross weight:72
  • Capacity:3Ton
  • Lifting range:70-2450mm
  • Packing:1set/3 plywood case
  • Gross weight:150
  • Capacity:2Ton
  • Lifting Range:870-1290mm
  • Packing:1pc/2 cartons
  • Gross weight:55
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Product Feature

Unmatched Strength and Durability

Engineered to Handle the Toughest Loads with Ease.

Precision and Performance

Designed for Smooth and Efficient Engine Handling.

Versatility at its Best

Adjustable Features for Easy Adaptation to Various Engine Sizes.

Safety First

Built-in Safety Mechanisms Ensure Secure Operation at all Times.

Rigorous Testing for Reliability

Our Engine Cranes undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability, guaranteeing that they can handle the toughest tasks with ease.

Tailored Solutions to Meet your Needs

With our expertise in customizing Engine Cranes, we provide tailored solutions that precisely match your unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity in your operations.


The quality of products can fully meet the CE/GS standard


We have a professional technical team to provide you with strong technical support; professional after-sales service team to make your order worry-free

An important manufacturing base for Engine Crane in China--Altertool

We are a professional manufacturer with 20 years experience.There is a completed supply chain ofaccessories.

  • Easy to assemble, definitely worth the money!

  • Great product for the price and great for the price. Love it.

  • Worked as expected, and I wouldn’t take a motor mount loose without it. I was pleasantly surprised how well it was built.Should last a lifetime.

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Questions You Want to Know about Engine Crane


This guide will focus on solving the problems you encounter when choosing a Engine Crane~

What is the weight capacity of your Engine Crane?

Our Engine Crane has a weight capacity of 1-3 Ton, allowing you to safely lift and maneuver heavy engines with ease.

Are your Engine Cranes adjustable for different engine sizes?

Yes, our Engine Cranes are designed with adjustable features, allowing for easy adaptation to various engine sizes. This ensures versatility and convenience during engine handling.

Are your Engine Cranes easy to assemble and disassemble?

Absolutely! Our Engine Cranes are designed with user-friendly assembly and disassembly processes, making them quick and easy to set up or store away when not in use.

What safety features do your Engine Cranes have?

We prioritize safety in our Engine Crane design. Our cranes come equipped with built-in safety mechanisms such as locking mechanisms and sturdy construction to ensure secure operation and prevent accidents during use.

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