Electric jack hydraulic system composition and principle

Daily life we often use electric jack, for the operation of the electric jack we can say that familiarity makes perfect, but for the electric jack hydraulic system composition and electric jack principle should be little known, today I will give you an electric jack hydraulic system composition and electric jack principle:

Electric jack hydraulic system composition.


Electric jack hydraulic system is mainly composed of: control elements (various valve ports), executive components (oil cylinders or hydraulic motors), power components (oil pumps), auxiliary components and working medium and other five parts of the main composition.


Control elements detailed explanation.


Control elements mainly include pressure valves, directional valves, flow valves, etc., whose role is mainly for the hydraulic motor stepless speed adjustment to meet current needs, and also for the hydraulic system in the working fluid pressure, method, flow control adjustment.


Actuating elements detailed explanation.


Actuating element is mainly used to convert the hydraulic energy of the liquid into mechanical energy, so that the cylinder to do linear motion and motor to do rotary motion.


Power components detailed explanation.


Power element is also what we call the oil pump, it has some similarities with the implementation of the element, but also the energy of one into another, the power element is the liquid using the mechanical energy of the prime mover into hydraulic pressure energy, as the power part of the hydraulic transmission.


Auxiliary components detailed explanation.


Auxiliary components as the name implies out of the control components, executive components, power components other than the auxiliary part of the components, there are pressure gauges, oil filters, accumulators, coolers, fittings, tanks and other auxiliary device components, but they also have the same role.


Details of the working medium.


Working medium is also the nature of the work, including the use, use scenarios and so on.

Electric jack principle.


Hydraulic transmission is based on Pascal’s principle, is also the basic principle of hydraulic transmission, meaning that the pressure of the liquid is the same everywhere, in order to maintain the system in balance, the smaller piston above the pressure exerted is smaller, and the larger piston exerted pressure is also relatively large, the role of doing so is also to be able to keep the liquid stationary.

So that through the transfer of liquid can get the pressure on different ends, so that you can achieve the same transformation purpose, we are common electric jack (electric hydraulic jack) is the use of this principle to achieve the purpose of operation.

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