Electric hoist often use what should pay attention to the problem

Group hoist electric hoist is known as large group hoist electric hoist, generally multiple simultaneous lifting operations, to achieve the same lift and lowering the purpose. Group hoist electric hoist is not multiple remote control of multiple electric hoists, and press the start switch together to start working. Rather, the use of a control cabinet connected to the electric hoist, press a control button can be, the operation is very simple and convenient. So, what issues need to be noted when using the tank group crane electric hoist?

1, newly installed or installed after disassembly and inspection of the electric hoist, the first should be empty test run several times. But before the installation is completed, do not power on the test run.

2, after commissioning, tighten the chain of each electric hoist, all the electric hoist tuned to the same horizontal line can be lifted.


3, in use, absolutely forbidden in the impermissible environment, and more than the rated load and the rated number of closures per hour (120 times).


4, After the work is finished, the main gate of the power supply must be pulled away to cut off the power.


5, the need to use the same specifications of the group hoist electric hoist for lifting, it is best to use a brand of group hoist electric hoist to ensure the same lifting speed, to achieve the same lifting and lowering effect.

If we are often using the group hoist electric hoist then you are not noticed it, if not noticed is not relevant, we can notice in the future in the use of the process on it!

How to distinguish the quality of the group hoist electric hoist, through what method can we choose a better group hoist electric hoist?

Chain: group hoist electric hoist chain is good or bad directly affect the quality of the whole electric hoist, good quality products are using refined chain, will not rust. Sound: when buying, the store has 2 group hoist electric hoist in front of you, you can listen to the sound method by pulling the chain, good electric hoist sound is mellow, the sound of some poor quality is more harsh. Knock on the shell: good quality group hoist electric hoist, the shell is generally made of thicker, textured appearance, knock on a very thick sense, poor quality shell is very thin, knocking very brittle.

If the above-mentioned have passed the audit, then we have to look at the manual to start the next step in the judgment, you can look at the manual of the use of years. Excellent quality of the group crane electric hoist can be used for about five years, poor quality can only use three years, which is also a point of judgment it.

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