Electric hoist how to dustproof it

With the continuous development of society, group hoist electric hoist applications are expanding, especially in the lifting machinery industry, group hoist electric hoist is very important, the market is a very large variety of group hoist electric hoist, the structure is also diverse; we will find such a problem when using the group hoist electric hoist, is easy to dust inside the device, and cleaning up is not easy, the same will affect the electric hoist.

Therefore, it is very important to develop a dustproof electric hoist with a wide range of applications, easy and fast to use, low operating costs and comprehensive functions.


A dustproof electric hoist, which includes the body, characterized in that: said body is provided with a drive device at the upper end, said drive device contains a motor, said body is provided with a shield at the right, said shield is installed with a controller at the right, said controller is provided with a sliding device at the right, said sliding device is connected to the dust cover, said sliding device is connected to the upper end of the guide A, said sliding device The lower end of said sliding device is connected to rail B, the lower end of said body is connected to a rope, the lower end of said rope is connected to a hook.


Electric hoist and dustproof ring chain without power supply and environment use dust explosion-proof chain hoist, more suitable for containing Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C level T1 – T4 can ignite gas or steam in mixture with air to form explosive gas district 1, 2 division.

Dust-proof electric hoist specifications: 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, BCD type, HHBD type.

Dust-proof electric hoist protection grade IP55, high grade can reach IP65, suitable for dust-free workshop, food, medicine production, precision manufacturing and assembly. Fixed dust-proof electric hoist, operational dust-proof electric hoist, low-clearance dust-proof electric hoist, explosion-proof dust-proof manual hoist can meet various installation requirements.


Equipped with explosion-proof walking sports car, it can be installed on straight and overhead circular track to move around, or installed on LXB type explosion-proof single beam cantilever crane or LB, LHB type explosion-proof single and double beam bridge crane, which can be used as dustproof electric hoist.

Operation conditions of dust-proof electric hoist: suitable for the factory environment is the IIB T4 temperature zone 1 or zone 2 operation site, the allowable surface temperature of the equipment: T≤135℃. The grid fluctuates by plus or minus 10 percent. The environment relative humidity does not exceed 95%, can prevent the occasion of dripping.


The walking type is generally installed on the i-steel track, or suspended on the fixed bracket and special SPAR, lifting goods and equipment, etc., suitable for low conditions and the existence of dust, damp rotten gas and other conditions.

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