Different types of tires dismounting method

Tire changer is a necessary equipment for tire stores, it is not only about the performance of the tire, but also about the safety of the tire! It is the first issue that needs attention and should never be ignored. First of all, the first thing is to choose the right tire equipment, trained mechanics, and follow the right steps!

1. for the tire top rubber good but soft and thin tires: with the wind shovel shovel tires skid, you can slightly lift the wind shovel control pedal, while pushing the tire in a little, to confirm the shovel mouth and tire mouth contact, and then lean with the leg or hand to prevent the tire back, and then press the control pedal, which is easier to shovel the tire.


2. for a long time running tires: tires for a long time by the internal pressure, tires and the heat generated by ground friction, resulting in tires and steel rims bonding. When the wind shovel is difficult to shovel down, you can first dissolve the detergent in water, with a small brush in the tire lip and steel rim brush some solution, to be the solution into the tire lip and steel rim gap, then use the wind shovel under the tire.


3. for the tire mouth hard tires: picking tires, the best choice of small car spring steel plate, homemade extended pry bar to the head of the bird to pry the tire mouth, it is easier. On the tire, with both hands pressure belly, when the difference of about 200mm, the tire mouth at the tightest, with the right elbow pressure belly, at the same time, the left hand, clockwise push a tire, can prevent the motor and v-belt slippage, but also to protect the motor.

Control method


1. depress the second foot pedal on the left, hear the sound of “click” and release, at this time, the prop claw does not move; repeat once, the prop claw moves inward; repeat once more, the prop claw moves outward, back to the initial position.

2. Pull off the wheel rim release arm, depress the second foot pedal on the right side and keep depressing it, the big cylinder drives the wheel level release arm to move inward, and the tire is separated from the rim by the pressure of the wheel rim release piece on the tire. Release the pedal, the cylinder returns to the initial position

3. Push down the first foot pedal, the table will rotate clockwise; on the contrary, lift the foot pedal upward, the table will rotate counterclockwise.

4、Turn down the locking handle to loosen the vertical axis and horizontal axis at the same time; on the other hand, push up the locking handle to lock the vertical axis and horizontal axis at the same time.

Tire removal method


1. Discharge the air from the tire to be dismantled.


2. Use the rim removal piece to press the tire to make it leave the seam with the steel rim.


3. Put the tire on the workbench and hold it firmly (or jam it tightly), adjust the position between the dismantling head and the tire and then lock it.


4. Lubricate the edge of the tire and rim.


5. the edge of the tire with a pry bar to pry the demounting head, the pry bar does not pull out, at this point, so that the table clockwise rotation, you can remove the tire. The same method can be used to remove the other side of the tire.


6. when installing tires, with the demounting head press the edge of the tire, so that the table clockwise rotation can be completed (still coated with lubricant), with the same method can be installed on the other side of the tire.


7. to tire inflation, can be read by the inflatable table inflation pressure.


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