Classification and structure of tire changer

Tire changer, also called tire changer, tire picking machine, used for mounting and unmounting car tires, can replace tires for different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks, for auto repair shops and 4S stores necessary equipment. There are two types of pneumatic and hydraulic, the most commonly used is the pneumatic type.


1.  Host table: tires are mainly removed on this table, mainly to play a role in placing tires, rotation, etc.

2. separation arm: in the side of the tire removal machine, mainly used to separate the tire from the rim, is to remove the tire smoothly.

3. filling and deflating device: mainly to play the tire gas off to facilitate inflation or dismantling, in addition to measuring the air pressure gauge. General tires are in about 2.2 atmospheric pressure. Also equal to 0.2Mpa.

4. foot pedal: there are three foot pedal switch under the tire removal machine, respectively, the role of clockwise counterclockwise rotation switch, separate the switch to step up, separate the rim and tire switch.

5. Lubricating fluid: facilitate tire dismounting, reduce the damage in the process of tire dismounting, so that the tire dismounting work is better completed.

6. Compressed air interface.

The common tire changer on the market mainly has two categories, one is used to dismount car tires small vertical tire changer; the other is used to dismount large truck tires large horizontal tire changer.

The main structure of the common large tire changer, which is mainly composed of power unit, cylinder, support arm, support claw, picking head, operating table and other parts. Its structure has a total of three cylinders through the hydraulic system to complete the movement, one is to support the support claw open retraction cylinder, used to clamping loose tires; the second is to support the support arm rotation cylinder, used to lift down the tire; the third is to support the head part of the back and forth movement cylinder, used to complete the tire mounting and dismounting.

In the whole operation process, basically realize the automatic operation, but the operation of the picking head part or rely on manual operation to complete, so that the labor intensity increases, if the operation of the picking head part also changed to the hydraulic system to complete, will greatly reduce the labor intensity, fully realize the automation of the equipment.

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