Classification and characteristics of car lifts(3)

Drive type

From the type of drive to classify the lifter, at present mainly divided into pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical three categories. In particular, the majority of liquid, mechanical, pneumatic least, the following is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic and mechanical lifts.

Mechanical lift mainly has a single motor driven thread drive lift and dual motor driven thread drive lift. Mechanical lifter popular in 1992-1998, mainly by the Baodabao, Hengchen, in the large, Shen Man production, the characteristics of this type of lift is good synchronization, due to the general motor drive, screw drive, it does not exist oil leakage pollution problems, and self-locking protection is simple and easy. But due to mechanical wear and tear maintenance costs (often need to replace the gong mother as well as bearings), the annual repair and replacement of a lifter needs about 1000 yuan, the customer will eventually replace the product with a small maintenance cost hydraulic lifter.

Hydraulic lift is characterized by smooth, low noise, high power, the disadvantage is that after a long time easy to leak oil, pollution work environment. But the hydraulic lifter maintenance costs are low, the cylinder use 5-10 years no problem, and on the development trend of the lift, must be towards safety, simplicity, long service life, low noise, low price direction, so the hydraulic lift will be the future development of the lift market mainstream.

Hydraulic lifter is divided into two kinds of a single-cylinder lift, a double-cylinder lifter.

The advantages of single-cylinder hydraulic lifter is: good synchronization, there is no bumpy phenomenon, with a thick base plate, the lifter has to torque by the base plate to offset, easy to level, the machine security is good, suitable for poor foundation.

Double-cylinder lift is divided into two kinds: gantry lift and thin floor lift, because it is a double-cylinder, synchronization problem is difficult to solve, often rely on two wire rope to balance, the cylinder and the wire rope to adjust the same tightness, lift can be synchronized.

Lifting machine classification based on different standards and many methods, but the construction of the column is the most obvious feature of any kind of lift, and its drive lifting system is also the most important consideration for different user groups to buy lift.

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