Classification and characteristics of car lifts(1)

Single column, double column (two columns), gantry, child and mother big shear, ultra-thin double shear, geocache shear lift, mobile lift and so on a series of professional auto repair lift. China is currently the world’s largest producer of automotive equipment. The number of exports is much higher than the domestic demand. Lifting machine is the most critical and important part of the auto insurance industry. For the repair of cars, tire alignment correction provides a great help.

Car lift is used for car maintenance process to lift the car equipment, the car drive to the lift station, through manual operation can make the car lift a certain height, to facilitate car maintenance. Lifting machine plays a very important role in car repair and maintenance, now the maintenance plant are equipped with lifting machine, lifting machine is the necessary equipment for car repair plant.

A. Single-column lift

Single column lift is parked on the ground cars and other means of transport to a certain height for maintenance of special equipment, is a typical car and engineering vehicles for local lifting, in order to replace the wheel tires or a variety of repair operations on the chassis of the vehicle machine. Single column lift is easy to operate, beautiful, does not take up space will be able to lift heavy objects convenient and labor-saving. With the effect of saving time and energy, when not completely placed on the ground, convenient for car reversing and placing items, is an indispensable tool for car repair. Single column vehicle lifter can be moved and fixed two models. Single column mobile lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor sites, single column fixed lift is suitable for indoor area more compact places.

B. double-column lift

Double column car lift is a kind of car repair and maintenance units commonly used special machinery lifting equipment, widely used in cars and other small car repair and maintenance. Double column car lifter will lift the car in the air at the same time can save a lot of ground space, convenient ground work. However, in order to save the most material, the two-post car lifter generally removes the bottom plate. Because there is no base plate, making the column torque needs to rely on the ground to offset, so the foundation requirements are very high, if there is a beam (gantry lifter) to rely on the beam to offset.

There are two types of double column lifts, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical lift four arms of roughly equal arm length, so that the center of the car (or the center of mass) in the middle of the column, for pickup trucks and box trucks and other types of cars of daily maintenance this symmetrical lift may be the best choice.

However, for some symmetrical two-post lifters with insufficient width between the columns, the inability to open the doors after the car is lifted is a big disadvantage. Asymmetric lifters have the column rotated backwards at an angle (about 30°) and the front arm is slightly shorter than the rear arm. When the car is parked in the proper position of this asymmetric lift, the car is moved back a bit, so we can easily enter and exit through the doors. Moreover, this kind of asymmetric lifter rotates the column, which can ensure that the center of gravity of the vehicle is safely positioned between the columns.

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