Car washer pressure size, how to choose?

For car lovers, the car must be clean and stain-free, so many car owners will have car-specific washers in the trunk.

The increasing number of urban vehicles, so that the parking lot is divided into above-ground and underground, single and double; let the high-pressure washer into the family, become a basic cleaning tool for the family.

But many people have doubts about the use and purchase of high-pressure washer, especially lesbians who have less contact with mechanical equipment, that high-pressure washer pressure is too large, penetrating force, used to wash the car is not possible. Unclear cognition is the constraints on the development of high-pressure car washers. Today clean Bailey to tell you about the car type high pressure washer knowledge.

The choice of pressure size of car washers


Although the car looks hard on the outside, but also can not be small tend to the power of water, water drops through the stone is not a vernacular. So the choice of car washers, the choice of pressure is very important, too big easy to scratch the paint, too small car stains and dirt can not be cleaned. So you must choose the right model, experts believe that the equipment used to clean the vehicle is best in the 40-70 kg or so, the value of this range of car cleaning machine can clean the vehicle very well. Now on the market there are household type washing machine pressure maximum between 120-160 kg, during the period can also be used to clean the vehicle, but in the use of the actual situation to regulate the size of the water pressure and water jets.

Car washing machine market price


The market price of car washers varies greatly, shopping platforms have a few hundred, there are thousands of tens of thousands of dollars, ordinary families will generally directly choose a few hundred with, car lovers will pick a better quality of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, car beauty stores and other will buy tens of thousands of dollars of equipment. Specific are based on their own consumer outlook and the use of people to decide. But one price is common to mechanical equipment, a few hundred car cleaning machine high-pressure pump, motor, water gun and other basic configuration is certainly not a thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars. Therefore, in the selection of car cleaning machine, it is recommended to buy a medium price is more secure.

Other roles of car washers


Today’s brand high-pressure washers are adjustable pressure, so in addition to cleaning cars, it has more roles.

1. cleaning mats, windows, doors, floors, yards

2. Rinsing crops, fruit and vegetable baskets

3. Wall dirt, moss cleaning, step cleaning, glass

4. swimming pool cleaning, gardening irrigation and so on

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