Car maintenance of the most useless 4 items

Nowadays, many people have become a family of cars, although the car has brought us a lot of convenience, but also increased the burden of our lives, because the cost of using the car is too high, for many people even if they can afford to buy a car can not afford to drive, take car maintenance, maintenance a need to spend a lot of money, if you do not know a lot about maintenance knowledge, but also easy to be ignored by the 4S store, then only spend more money.

Although there are many car maintenance projects, but not all projects are useful, in order to avoid new car owners are fooled, so today we will talk about car maintenance knowledge, car maintenance most useless 4 projects.

First of all, the first maintenance project is the air conditioning bacteria, car air conditioning is a very common configuration, whether it is summer or winter will often be used, it is because of the frequent use, so when we go to do maintenance to the car, 4S store will fool you that to the space for sterilization, or a long time, then the air from the sprinkler is not fresh, when the owner’s body will also be affected, this time Many car owners are fooled, and then spend money to do this maintenance, in fact, the car repair master bluntly, this maintenance project is the most useless, 4S store specializing in fooling the layman, because they also just spray some air freshener to the inside, which we can solve themselves.

The second maintenance project is the engine depth of care, this maintenance project sounds very high-end, 4S store will also tell you to do a deep engine care, so that the engine can improve power, in fact, this is completely in the fool people, the so-called engine depth of care is to clean the engine, if it is a new car, do not do this maintenance, because this not only can not improve the power, but will cause damage to the engine, the engine of the new car does not need to clean, if things are used for a long time, such as the use of 5 to 6 years, this time can be appropriate to clean the engine.

The third maintenance project is tire maintenance, because the car’s tires are directly with the ground friction, so the degree of wear and tear over time is also very large, many people also think that tires need to be maintained, so the 4S store is also to seize this psychology of consumers, and then you will be fooled to tire maintenance, in fact, the so-called tire maintenance is to take a brush to brush the tires, and then on top of a layer of wax, in fact, this maintenance is not necessary at all, the tires can not play any protective effect, the 4S store is just trying to make more money.

The last one is fuel additives, we all know that the car is a mechanic products, so the internal parts need oil, such as brake fluid, oil, of course, the car also needs gasoline, when we go to the maintenance, many 4S stores will recommend fuel additives, and then fool us that the use of fuel additives can improve the quality of oil, in fact, this does not achieve any effect, but the 4S stores specialize in fooling laymen means, so that we go to the 4S store maintenance time to pay attention to the above is the most useless maintenance projects, do only spend more money in vain.

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