Car Maintenance Myths, Do you know them all?

Cars have gradually become a necessity of people’s lives, whether they choose fuel cars or new energy cars, more and more people are enjoying the convenience of travel with their cars. But many people do not know enough about cars, will drive more to maintain the car. There are some wrong ways of car maintenance can not maintain your car, and may damage the vehicle. Here we follow the small to see the car maintenance myths, see how much you know.

Frequent waxing

Many car owners often go to the car wax, think that this can protect the car paint can also keep the car paint bright. But in fact, car wax contains alkaline substances, frequent waxing will be too much. Depending on the season and the region, waxing should be selected according to local conditions. In the south, there is more rain, so waxing will be more compared to the north, because the rain contains a lot of acidic substances. In the north, it is not necessary to wax the car frequently. In the choice of wax, it is best to choose a wax with moderate decontamination ability and no abrasive ingredients. For new cars, there is no need to wax within six months of purchase.

Urgent replacement of three filters

Three filters refer to the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, used for the lubrication system, combustion system and engine air intake system in the medium of filtration. Many car owners once the idle problem, they are eager to replace the three filters, that three filters clean, the car runs more powerful, and maintenance personnel, in order to earn more labor costs, naturally is very happy to help owners change the three filters. In fact, there is no need to replace all three filters together, just follow the recommended mileage and local weather conditions in the manual to determine the replacement cycle.

The more oil and fluid, the better

Many car enthusiasts believe that it is best to add more of various oils/fluids in the engine compartment to avoid a long time with the car or a long time of forgetfulness leading to a shortage. However, more is not better, in terms of adding oil, in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance manual to add. If it is glass water, antifreeze and brake fluid, just follow the scale line on the reservoir and add as needed.

Different brands of coolant mixed use

Some car owners buy cheap coolant or add other people’s coolant to their cars for the sake of cheap or convenience. Although it saves time and effort, doing so is harmful to your car. The chemical properties of different brands of coolant may differ greatly, and the preservatives used are also different, so they should not be mixed. It is easy to accelerate the speed of aging and damage of the car.

Urgent maintenance


In general, the first maintenance time and kilometers should be in 6 months or 5,000 km, which will be indicated in the vehicle maintenance manual (the first warranty varies slightly from model to model). Some owners do not have to maintain frequently or premature maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, you can keep your car in good condition, but also for the owner to save a considerable amount of money.

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