Brief description of the standard operating procedures of the lift

Car lifter plays an indispensable and extremely important role in the process of car repair, but also every auto body shop are necessary tools and equipment, it can greatly facilitate the repair of the car, when using the car lifter must follow its operating specifications, otherwise it may bring a certain degree of danger.

1. the operation of the car lift, clean up the nearby items and personnel, check whether the lift operating handle and other switches are effective, such as the discovery of abnormalities should promptly find professionals for maintenance.

2. the four telescopic arms open, support the car when the four support angle should be kept on the same level, adjust the height of the support, the height should not be too high, the adjustment process should be smooth, after adjusting the four brackets locked, can not appear loose phenomenon, insert the insurance lock pin, in the process of repair, the car lift brake must be kept in a tight lock state, to ensure the safety of the situation in the operation.

3. the lift in a locked state if you want to drop the operation, the lift should be first to rise a little, so that it is free from the brake, and then the downward movement. During the process of descending, it is strictly forbidden to have people or objects under the body to avoid danger.

4. the surface of the rubber support pad should be kept clean, there should be absolutely no oil, water and other things that can easily cause slippage, if caused by the sliding of the car, the consequences are unthinkable.

5. the lifting machine cylinder water regularly excluded, the amount of oil regularly checked, if there is found to be insufficient, should be promptly added to the special pressure oil, timely inspection of lubrication, transmission gear and sewing strip.

Only the correct operation of the car lifter, in order to extend its life, the safety of staff can be guaranteed.

Before use should clear the lifter near the impediments to the operation of the apparatus and debris, and check whether the operating handle is normal. Operation mechanism is sensitive and effective, the hydraulic system does not allow crawling phenomenon. When supporting the car, the four support angle should be in the same plane, adjust the support angle rubber pad height so that it touches the vehicle chassis support parts. When supporting the car, the vehicle can not support too high, after supporting the four brackets to lock.

To lift the vehicle after driving in, the lift should be adjusted to move the support block to the car type lifting point. Lifting personnel should leave the vehicle, lifting to the required height, must be inserted into the insurance lock pin, and to ensure safety and reliability before starting the undercarriage operations.

In addition to low insurance and minor repair projects, other tedious and bulky operations, shall not be operated on the lifter repair.

Lifter shall not be frequently up and down. Support the car when lifting to steady, landing to slow. When someone work is strictly prohibited to lift the lifter. Found that the operating mechanism does not work, the motor is not synchronized, the bracket is not flat or hydraulic part of the oil leakage, should be promptly reported for repair, shall not operate with disease.

Operation should be cleared of debris, cleaning around the lift to keep the site tidy. Regularly (half a year) to exclude the lift cylinder water, and check the amount of oil, oil shortage should be timely refilled with the same grade of pressure oil. At the same time should check the lubrication, lifting machine transmission gear and sewing strip.

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