Beware of the five traps of auto repair

It’s easy to buy a car, it’s hard to repair a car, this is a question that many car owners share, especially new car owners. I do not know how to repair the car, and do not know what to repair, but also worry about the repair of the car was pitted. Many car enthusiasts are asking us some car repair questions, and how to prevent being dishonest business pit.

Trap 1: minor disease repair, no disease repair

The car steering wheel does not automatically return to the right just need to go to the aftermarket repair, nothing too big shortcomings, some dishonest repair business bullying owners do not understand the car, exaggerating the shortcomings of the car, and even this was not a big problem, the results reported some unneeded repair projects, take advantage of the opportunity to significantly increase the repair cost, the owner paid in vain.

Response: We ask the repair store to view the repair voucher, encounter repair staff advocate the owner to replace parts, if the consumer can not recognize the service staff said the situation is not true, can request the staff to come up with the appropriate view voucher. This can also be used as the basis for future claims, request for compensation.

Solution: 1. the outer steering machine damage or steering machine free clearance adjustment bolts adjusted too tight will also lead to steering does not return. After-sales debugging.

2. the front beam or camber is not allowed, adjust it.

3. pendulum rubber damage, resulting in serious inner tire bias grinding, the tire reversal, immediately will be much better. It is recommended to go to the aftermarket repair service to repair and maintain.

Trap 2: misrepresentation of the amount of oil

Car starter to replace the oil, in the refueling process, a bucket of 4 liters of oil, the practice added 3.8 liters, but in the report to the owner, it is 4 liters. The remaining 0.2 liters of engine oil, repair personnel operate a few more times to be able to collect into a bucket to sell to the next owner. There is also a serious that the car only need to add 4 liters of oil, to the owner said need to add 5 liters.

The response: before the master add oil to look at the cap of the oil package is not opened, in addition to carefully review the owner’s manual of their own model, know the amount of oil required to add the vehicle starter specification.

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