Beware of the five traps of auto repair(2)

Trap 3: swap parts

This scenario usually exists only in a single irregular repair stalls and repair shops, regular 4S store repair shops simply do not exist in this situation. The specific operation is, with some repair staff more familiar with the owner agent repair staff, the other a new color of the car to be repaired parts removed for their own. There is also that the repair staff has a large number of old parts that can not be used for a long time (such as the more shaded sensors), the parts of your new car are replaced. This condition is more about the car of all kinds of sensors, actuator components, tires and other simple to be switched parts.

Tips: car owners should try to understand the fundamental knowledge of the car they drive, a general understanding of the various parts of the car, a detailed understanding of the parts they should replace, so that they have a good idea. In addition, a single to help their own agent service project personnel to keep an eye on.

Trap 4: The more you repair your car, the more you get hurt

The car accidentally had a small incident, the car sent to repair. But often encounter the situation is, the more car repair the more questions, do not repair do not know, a repair shock. Not only repair out of the big question, but also the more frequent repair month, repair endlessly. Many conditions because some untrustworthy business repairman will be in the incident before the car damage will be some of the newer parts away from the car sold, replaced by the old parts and even salvage parts, the incident car will be more and more injury, the more repair the longer the time.

The best way to deal with: the owner and the repair station together with the appearance of the vehicle condition, spare tire and tools, etc. to recognize, record. In addition, supervise the relevant staff for their own car the first moment to determine the damage, and get the damage orders before leaving.

Trap 5: cutting corners

The repair list given by the repair manufacturer is inconsistent with the actual repair items implemented. The replacement did not change, the replacement only repair, repair methods are inconsistent.

Response: After we repair the car, carefully check to verify the actual repair project, which is not just a matter of money, mainly once the problem also affects the safety of driving, which is related to our lives!

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