Basic knowledge of auto repair

Generally speaking, the lack of refrigerant is one of the reasons for air conditioner failure. Next, check whether there is leakage. Generally, there are glass observation holes on the drying tank, from the flow of bubbles can be initially determined its working condition. Finally, check if there is a lack of refrigerant lubricant.

Tip: In order to eliminate the epidemic of infectious diseases in summer, air conditioners should pay attention to regular disinfection, generally disinfection once a week is appropriate


Try to avoid driving for a long time in the heat, should try to avoid a long time driving. Driving to pay attention to the appropriate time to rest. Parking should try to choose in a cool and ventilated place, such as the conditions allow can also open the hood ventilation cooling. If the temperature gauge pointer has been pointed to the high temperature zone, then you must stop the car to “cool down”, so that the engine gradually cool down. If necessary, cold water can also be poured on the radiator, never be careful not to get wet lines.

Tip: You’d better get into the good habit of cleaning the radiator blades regularly, which can improve the engine cooling effect, but also reduce the engine overheating phenomenon, maintenance, you should pay attention to the fan belt can not sticky oil, to prevent slippage.

High temperature road driving tire pressure will increase in the summer because of the hot weather, high temperatures, so the car must not carry flammable and explosive items, do not smoke in the car to avoid fire. Before leaving the car, you should always check whether the circuit is short-circuiting, leakage, whether the plug is loose; check whether the oil circuit joints are leaking, whether the exhaust pipe is discharged, if there are problems, should be immediately overhauled; pay attention to keep the battery vent open.

Summer road surface temperature is often above 70 degrees Celsius, car tires such as a long time in the high temperature road driving, tire pressure increases, at this time, if the tire has damage or weakness is easy to burst.

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