Auto Repair Basics(2)

Shock absorber failure high-speed oscillation in two cases, one is with the speed of the car to improve the oscillation gradually strong, the second is in a higher speed oscillation, and cause steering wheel shaking.

You can first set up the drive axle, the front wheels with safety plug block, start the engine and gradually shift into high-speed gear, so that the drive wheel to reach the final test vibration speed. If the body and steering wheel are shaking at this time, it is the transmission system caused by the vibration.

Because the front wheel and front axle are at rest, if the final test vibration speed, the car does not appear shaking, the reason for the vibration is the front axle part of the car is faulty; check the front wheel positioning angle and front beam is in line with the requirements, such as misalignment should be adjusted; erect the front axle to try to turn the wheel, check the wheel dynamic balance and tire deformation is too large.

If necessary, change good wheels for a comparison test; check whether the front axle and frame are deformed, check whether the drive shaft is bent, and do dynamic balancing of the drive shaft when available. Steering heavy steering heavy reasons for more, but usually have the following points.


First, the tire pressure is not enough, especially the front wheel pressure is not enough, the steering will be more difficult.


Second, the power steering fluid is not enough, need to add power steering fluid.


Third, the front wheel alignment is not allowed, need to carry out four-wheel alignment test.

Running off when driving


To check the runaway, generally, when driving, set the steering wheel straight, then let go of the steering wheel to see if the car goes straight. If it doesn’t go straight, it’s runaway. First of all, the deviation may be caused by the inconsistent air pressure of the left and right tires, so you need to inflate the under-inflated tires. Secondly, the front wheels may not be positioned correctly. The front wheel camber, main pin angle or inner pin angle are not equal, the front beam is too small or negative front beam will cause runout, and must be tested at a professional service station. Summer generally lasts from the beginning of June to the beginning of September.


In hot and scorching weather, people can easily get heatstroke under such temperature. The car is the same, some frequently used or heavily loaded system devices, such as air conditioning system, lubrication system, tires, etc. are prone to failure. Therefore, it is important to nip these failures in the bud.


Check whether the air conditioner is lack of fluorine. The air conditioner is the most frequently used part of the car in summer, and it is also the most prone to failure.

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