Auto Repair Basics(1)

It is very annoying to find out that your engine won’t start when you are sitting in your car and ready to go. But sometimes, the engine won’t start because of some minor problems. If you understand these reasons, you can solve the basic problems as soon as possible by understanding the basics of auto repair. The following are the basics of car repair.

First of all, check whether the distributor, spark plugs, high-voltage wires, etc. are damp because the car is wet, if so, you can dry out the damp parts and then start again. Second, check whether the spark plug is damaged, if damaged, just replace the new plug can be. Third, check whether the battery voltage is sufficient.

Sometimes, parking forget lights, a long time, it may drain the power. If so, put the car in second gear, foot on the clutch, towing with the car, when driving to a certain speed, release the clutch, twist the ignition switch, the car can start naturally, if the battery has problems, this method can not work. The engine stalls when shifting gears while traveling, if the operation is standardized, but the phenomenon of stalling occurs, you need to check the following problems: first of all, see whether the idle speed is stable, whether the idle speed is too low, if the idle speed is unstable or low, just adjust the idle speed to the normal speed.

Also tighten the idle speed cut-off valve and plug in tight. Second, if the idle speed is normal, it may be the oil and gas separator is blocked, you need to go to a professional repair station to clean the oil and gas separator. The steering wheel trembles when driving at high speed or at a higher speed when the car is driving unstable, head, and even steering wheel shaking, appearing

The reasons for this situation are as follows.


1. the front wheel alignment angle is out of alignment, the front beam is too large.

2. The front tire pressure is too low or the tire is unbalanced due to repair and other reasons.

3. The front wheel spokes are deformed or the number of tire bolts is not equal.

4. Loose installation of transmission system parts.

5. drive shaft bending, power imbalance, front axle deformation.

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