2ton Hydraulic Pallet Truck

2 Tons Nylon Wheel Manual Forklift Lift Hydraulic Jack Lift Truck Hand High Lift Hydraulic Pallet Truck



  • Loading Capacity:2000kg
  • Big Wheel:180mm
  • Fork Double Wheel:80*68mm
  • Hoisting Height:200mm
  • Overall Height:1200mm
  • Overall Length:1580mm
  • Fork Length:1200mm
  • Fork Width:685mm
  • Wheelbase Center Ground Clearance:30mm
  • Turning Radius:1300mm
  • Self-respect:60kg


  • Nylon wheels have the characteristics of low rotation power, light pulling, stable chemical properties, etc., suitable for use on cement floors
  • Integrated oil pump, eradicate oil leakage problem
  • Reinforced rib plate, long-term use without deformation

Product Details

High performance hydraulic pump

The overall sealed one-piece casting oil pumpcan solve the oil leakage of the pump body

DF domestic welding oil pump

The welded oil cylinder is used to reduce costs and is more economical and practical;
the oil pump uses oil seals

New AC imported oil pump

Whole is sealed, and the key parts are importedfrom Germany to eliminate the disadvantages of oil leakage

Strengthen plate

The bottom is welded with stiffenersLong-term use without deformation

Is oil leakage prone to occur during the use of hydraulic trailers?

Regularly check hydraulic pipelines and seals, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner to ensure the integrity and sealing of the hydraulic system.

Is the trailer making too much noise while running?

Regularly lubricate and maintain trailer components, including bearings, chains, etc., to reduce noise.

Does the hydraulic system require regular maintenance and upkeep?

Regularly check the oil quality and filter elements of the hydraulic system, replace the hydraulic oil and filter elements as required, and regularly clean and maintain various components of the hydraulic system.

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