10ton Prestressing Jack

 Portable 10T Prestressing Jack Front Clamping Jack Tensioning Machine Prestressed Through-the-heart Machine 



  • Lifting capacity: 10 (T)
  • Rated tension: 270KN
  • Tension cylinder area: 4415mm²
  • Rated oil pressure: 61Mpa
  • Hole diameter through the center: φ18mm
  • Tension stroke: 200mm
  • Net weight/Gross weight: 17/19KG


  • The jack is light in weight, easy to operate, high in efficiency, small in size and easy to use
  • The reserved length of the steel strand is short, suitable for working at high altitude or in places with small space
  • A safety valve is added to improve safety, and the jack is more durable

Product Details

Portable handle

This product has a portable handle, making it more convenient to carry

Color matching connection

Using three colors for splicing, it looks more upscale

Interface processing

The processing of hardware is very delicate

Welding port

The handle is welded, making it stronger

What is a jack?

A jack is a simple mechanical device used to lift heavy objects. It uses hydraulic principles to convert the force exerted on the piston into vertical lifting force.

How to maintain and maintain a jack?

Clean and lubricate the jack’s components regularly to ensure that the threaded rods, pistons, seals, etc. are in good condition. Check and replace worn parts to keep the jack in normal working order.

How to store a jack to extend its life?

Store the jack in a dry, clean environment at a moderate temperature. Before storage, clean thoroughly and take appropriate measures to protect threaded rods and pistons from rust and damage.

How to solve the problem that the jack cannot be lowered or lowers slowly?

Check the jack for hydraulic oil leaks, confirm that the oil line is not blocked or damaged, and ensure that the release valve is fully open. If the problem is still not resolved, it is recommended to seek professional maintenance.

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