V head Jack Stand

ALTERTOOL High Quality V head With Wheels Removable Pipe Jack Bracket For Sale 


  • Head type: V head
  • Material: steel
  • Capacity: 882 lbs/400 kg
  • Pipe capacity: 0.32-30.48 cm
  • Working range: 300mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 882LB
  • Height: 71-131 cm
  • Weight: 14.6 kg
  • Length: 54 cm


  • Stable structure, mature technology/beautiful
  • Long life, high cost performance
  • Perfect service, professional after-sales team

Product Details

Rubber handle

The handle is made of rubber material, anti-slip and anti-static

Large adjusting screw

The adjusting screw is relatively large and easy to adjust.

Set with screws

The equipment is equipped with screws for double safety protection.

Screw reinforcement

The foot pads are reinforced with four screws, making them safer

What are Pipe Jack?

Pipe Jack is a structure used to secure and support metal pipes. It is usually made of metal material, which has the strength and stability to withstand the weight and external force of the pipe.

How to maintain Pipe Jack?

Regularly inspect and clean Pipe Jack, paying particular attention to removal of accumulated debris and corrosion. For damaged or loose bracket parts, repair or replace them in time.

Are Pipe Jack prone to rust?

Pipe Jack are susceptible to rust when exposed to moisture or corrosive environments. In order to prevent rust, anti-corrosion treatments can be carried out, such as coating with anti-corrosion paint or using stainless steel materials to make brackets.

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