6 Ton Jack Stand

Hot Selling Heavy Duty Car Jack Stand Adjustable Height Jack Stands Car Repair Tool for Car Truck
  • Material:Steel
  • Min.height:900mm
  • Max.height:700mm
  • Net weight:21kg
  • Gross weight:20kg
  • Packing dimension:50*50*67cm
  • Application:Automotive Repair Tools


● These sturdy jack stands are lightweight for easy placement, yet strong enough to hold most cars and small trucks. The high strength welded aluminum makes it possible for these jack stands to support up to 6000 lb. safely and securely. Features include a self locking ratchet handle to easily adjust the height. A perfect set of jack stands for auto repair work or storage.

● Perfect for repair work or storage

● High strength welded aluminum base for easy placement

● Self locking ratchet handle

Product Details

Featured Bearings

Featured Bearings

Spins more smoothly

U-shaped pallet

Lifting is more stable

U-shaped pallet
Thickened rocker

Thickened rocker

Rotate left and right, saving effort in lifting and lowering

Adjustment knob

Card slot fixed, rotating adjustment

Adjustment knob
Bold Lead screw

Bold Lead screw

No burrs, no lag

Thickened bracket

Stronger and more reliable

Thickened bracket
Does a Jack Stand have a weight limit?

Yes, each Jack Stand has a maximum weight limit designed for it. When purchasing a Jack Stand, make sure to choose a model that matches your desired weight range. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not exceed the maximum weight limit of the Jack Stand.

Is the height of a Jack Stand adjustable?

Yes, most Jack Stands have an adjustable height feature. They usually have several locking holes so that you can choose the desired height. Select the appropriate height and lock the supporting arms in place to ensure that the vehicle is stably supported at the required height.

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