ATL-1824 2500KG Wheel Mini Car Lift

Factory Direct Sales Air Bumper Jack Car Air Jack Adjustable Convenient Air Bump Jack with Wheel Mini Car Lift


● Capacity:2500KG

● Max Height:1080mm

● Min. Height:280mm

● Package Size:95*94*120cm

● G.W:89KG

● N.W:88KG 


  • Easy and labor-saving
  • Seiko forging, durable

Product Details



Heavy duty wheel

What is vehicle lift?

Vehicle lifts are used to lift and support vehicles for service or storage. They may be hydraulic, electric, or manually-actuated. Hydraulic lifts are driven by an external hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.

Are car lifts safe?

A vehicle falling from a lift can result in serious bodily injury, property damage, and liability claims. Vehicle lifts should never be operated without proper safety training, and manufacturer and facility safety guidelines should be followed at all times.

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