ATL-1810 12V Electric hydraulic jack

Hot Selling 1-10T Multi-functional Car Electric Hydraulic jack Durable Electric Auto Lift Jack for SUV Car
  • Voltage/Current:DC12V/15A
  • Lifting Weght:5T
  • Lifting Range:135-365MM/150-405M/170-460MM
  • Rated Power:150w
  • Package:4PCS/CTN
  • Packing size:38.5X23.5X41CM


Electric hydraulic jack is a modern vehicle lifting tool. With stronger lifting capacity, easier operation and higher safety performance, it has become a good helper for car owners in vehicle maintenance.

1. Working principle
Electric hydraulic jack is based on the working principle of the hydraulic system and generates torque through electric drive to lift and lower the vehicle. When the user presses the control button, the electric motor starts working and hydraulic oil is pumped into the lifting column, pushing the piston to lift the vehicle.

2. How to use
Find the correct lifting point: First, you need to find the appropriate lifting point for the vehicle. You can refer to the vehicle manual or consult a professional.

Place the Electric hydraulic jack: Place the Electric hydraulic jack on the lifting point at the bottom of the vehicle, ensuring that the base maintains smooth contact with the ground, and check whether the base is firm.

Lift the vehicle: Press the power button, then press the lift button, and the Electric hydraulic jack begins to lift the vehicle. During the lifting process, pay attention to observe and ensure that the vehicle is stable. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the vehicle.

Lower the vehicle: When you need to lower the vehicle, just press the lowering button and the Electric hydraulic jack will automatically lower the vehicle.

Storage and maintenance: After use, store the Electric hydraulic jack in time and keep it properly, and perform regular cleaning, lubrication and maintenance to ensure the performance and life of the equipment.

3. Summary
As a modern vehicle maintenance tool, the Electric hydraulic jack provides car owners with a convenient and safe solution with its powerful lifting capacity, easy operation and safe and stable design. In daily vehicle maintenance, it can easily deal with various problems and improve work efficiency. However, be sure to pay attention to safety when using it and follow correct operating methods and maintenance requirements to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. I believe that Electric hydraulic jack will become a powerful assistant for car owners and bring more convenience and benefits to vehicle maintenance.

Product Details

Professional rotatable screw head

LED light

Movable handle

Can Electric hydraulic jack be used to replace traditional manual jack?

Yes, the Electric hydraulic jack can be used to replace the traditional manual jack. It has stronger lifting capacity, easier operation and higher safety performance, making it a good helper for car owners to perform vehicle maintenance.

What is the safety performance of Electric hydraulic jack?

Electric hydraulic jack has a sturdy and durable structure, and the base is wide and stable to ensure that it is not easy to tilt or slide during use. In addition, it is equipped with a safety valve and overload protection device to ensure the safety of users and vehicles.

Does Electric hydraulic jack require regular maintenance?

Yes, in order to ensure the performance and life of the Electric hydraulic jack, regular cleaning and lubrication maintenance is required. When not in use for a long time, it needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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