ATL-1787 5T Hydraulic jack

High quality Industrial Hydraulic Toe Jack 5t Professional Hydraulic Lifting toe Jack For Sale
  • Maximum load capacity: 5T
  • Foot lifting range: 25-230mm
  • Top lifting range: 368-573mm
  • Package:20pcs/pallet
  • Packing size:1050*790*1050mm


As a mechanical device widely used in various fields, hydraulic jacks are praised for their powerful strength and efficient working principle.

Hydraulic jacks play an important role in the automotive repair industry. It can easily lift the car so that the vehicle chassis is off the ground, making it easier to repair and replace parts. Hydraulic jacks can also be used for tire replacement, brake system repair and other operations, providing a convenient and safe working environment.
On construction sites, hydraulic jacks are used to lift and support heavy structures. It can bear huge weight and provide stable support to ensure safety during construction. Hydraulic jacks can also be used to adjust the horizontality and verticality of the building to ensure the stability of the building structure.
Hydraulic jacks are widely used in industrial production. It can be used to lift and position heavy machinery and equipment, making equipment maintenance and repair more convenient. Hydraulic jacks can also be used in processes such as compression, extrusion and stamping to provide high-pressure support to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

As a powerful and efficient mechanical device, the hydraulic jack plays an important role in various fields. The simplicity of its working principle and wide range of applications make hydraulic jacks an indispensable part of modern engineering technology. We believe that in the future, hydraulic jacks will continue to grow and bring more convenience and changes to people’s lives and work.

Product Details

Thickened base

Strong load-bearing capacity, sturdy and durable

On/off valve design

Turn off lift, turn on landing

360° Rotated

It uses a copper sleeve nut inside and a red warning line on the outside to prevent it from exceeding the safe telescopic height during use.

How does a hydraulic jack work?

Hydraulic jacks use the pressure transmission principle of liquid to achieve force amplification. When an external force acts on the piston, liquid enters one side of the piston through the small hole in the hydraulic cylinder, pushing the piston outward, creating a huge vertical force.

What are the common application scenarios of hydraulic jacks?

Hydraulic jacks are widely used in automobile repair, construction sites, industrial production and other fields. It can be used for operations such as lifting cars, supporting heavy structures, positioning heavy machinery and equipment, etc.

What are the precautions for the maintenance of hydraulic jacks?

Regularly check whether the oil of the hydraulic jack is clean and whether there is leakage; keep the surface of the piston rod clean; avoid use in high temperature environments; regularly replace seals and oil seals.

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