Analysis of the development trend of car lifts

Two-post lifter

The type of lift is characterized by good synchronization, but due to mechanical lift mechanical wear and tear maintenance costs are high (often need to replace nuts and bearings), the annual cost of a lift maintenance and replacement costs need about 1000 yuan, the customer will eventually replace the product for the low maintenance cost of hydraulic lift. Hydraulic lift low maintenance costs, cylinder use 5 ~ 10 years no problem, hydraulic lift is divided into 2 types: one is a single-cylinder lift, the other is a double-cylinder lift. Single-cylinder lift in 1992 ~ 2000 use a relatively large amount, due to the single-cylinder lift power is small, heavy vehicle lifting is more difficult, 2000 years after the gradual elimination of the double-cylinder lift.

Double-cylinder lift is divided into ordinary type and gantry type 2, due to the different unlocking methods are divided into single-sided unlocking and bilateral unlocking. Single-sided unlocking convenient, mechanical and electronic 2; bilateral unlocking requires the operator to go back and forth to both sides to pull the insurance more trouble.

The development history of two-post lift: 1992 ~ 1998 is mainly mechanical lift, mainly by Shanghai Baodebao testing equipment Co. Mechanical lifter is popular between 1992 ~ 1998.

Four-column lifter

Four column lifter is divided into upper cylinder type and lower cylinder type according to the structure. The upper cylinder type lift refers to the cylinder placed on the top of the column, and the lower cylinder type lift refers to the cylinder placed under the flat plate.

The upper cylinder four-post lift mainly relies on four chains to pull up the four corners, tension cylinder placed on the top, the lift structure is simple, but easy to increase the self-weight; secondary lift for manual or pneumatic, repair personnel need to run to the bottom of the car operation, which is very inconvenient for the frequent use of secondary lift users and there are safety risks; at the same time, the insurance device for the pneumatic device, such as no air source is more trouble to use. The model is also suitable for the use of four-wheel positioning structure, easy to adjust, easy to use.

The lower cylinder four-post lift mainly relies on four thick steel cable to pull up the four corners, the tension cylinder is placed under the flat plate, and the force is transmitted to the four sides through six discs. This kind of lifter structure is more compact, reduce the self-weight. The second lift is generally electro-hydraulic, as connected with the main pump, as long as you turn the conversion valve can be lifted, and lifting speed; insurance device for the wedge type, four wedges using the lever linkage, pull the lever can open the insurance device, convenient and durable.

Scissor Lifter

Scissor lift is divided into large scissors (child-mother type), small scissors (single scissor type), ultra-thin series. Small shear lift is mainly used for small car maintenance, high safety, easy to operate; digging the groove with the ground level. Large shear lifter is more widely used, is the best equipment with the four wheel alignment instrument, not only can be used for car maintenance, but also for tire replacement and chassis overhaul.

Both can be used in the form of trenching, can also be installed directly on the ground. Ultra-thin series scissor lift without trenching, suitable for any repair shop, even if the plant space is not suitable for the installation of two-post lift or ordinary four-post lift, you can also use this type of lift.

The type of lift and floor contact surface is wide, can be installed in any drive floor above, to solve the customer site problems. This type of machine is the future mainstream products, foreign countries have large-scale use of this type of product.

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